NEW DUNGEON – Mutisha the Necromancer

A long time ago, the Myst Elves fought against the evil forces of Elga. They created an ultimate weapon built from the quintessence of their powers which they called Aram.

It helped them win the war but it brought mass destruction to friend or foe, Aram eliminated them all.

When the war was over, the remaining elves somehow summoned a spell to silence Aram.

They decided to imprison Aram in a far off place for everyone’s safety.

The elves brought Aram somewhere North of God’s Sanctuary hoping they’d seen the last of the almighty Golem and returned to their normal lives.

Until one day…

The Golem awoke!

Mutisha, an evil sorcerer with powers so intense that they drove fear into the hearts of people at the mere mention of his name, found a way to control Aram and release him from his prison!

Together, they are sure to bring death and destruction to the world of Dragotaka.

The Dragon Lord has once again called for heroes to stop this evil duo from unleashing havoc on the good people of Dragotaka not to mention the ever present danger that Paris has brought to the land.

This mission is for some of the bravest among you (Level 50+)

Your mission starts in Mika’s tribe and village in the Pinecone Hill Map (north west) (NPC Kundaran). It starts a chain quest to get the quest to be able to get in the dungeon.

The Dungeon of Kundara is accessible at North of God’s Sanctuary

Good luck and come back safe!



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