MapleWire | 35x EXP | 10x Meso | Custom drop

# MapleWire Game Rates Experience Rate: 35x
# Meso Rate: 10x
# Drop Rate: Custom

Player Commands
# @str,dex,int,luk <amount> – Allocate stat points with ease.
# @buynx <number> – Buy Nexon Cash (1000 per 1 meso).
# @save – Save your status in the database. Recommended before server checks.
# @dispose – Fixes you when you get stuck.
# @togglesmega – Turn avatar megaphones on/off.
# @expfix – Will fix your EXP if it screws up.
# @gm <message> – Sends a message that all GMs online can see. If one is on they will assist you if they can. Do not abuse this.
# @cody – Opens Cody (Job Advancement).
# @storage – Opens up the storage.
# @fm – Warps you to the FM and remembers your current map.
# @market – Warps to FM1 (MapleWire Black Market) and remembers your current map. (Return to the current map by exiting the Free Market normally).
# @spinel – Launches Spinel, the World Tour Guide.
# @fredrick – Opens the Fredrick store banker.
# @afk – Puts an “AFK” chalkboard above you.
# @commands – Shows a list of commands.

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