Los tiburones atacan de nuevo

Hello Dragonicans,

It has only been a few days since we last challenged you with our Guild Competition. But, being the diligent team that we are what we are challenging you to do now is not brand new but the continuation of a very exciting event from our Closed Beta Phase. Since then of course you have had time for a little more practice, so this time it’s a little harder for you.

Do you all remember our “Sharks Tale” competition?  We ran this challenge until the end of the Closed Beta, the winners being the Top 10 in the 4 Star Mission Map with Hookah.

But now we believe you are all much better and that this would be far too simple. Therefore, there are two Mission Maps, where this time you can prove yourselves: The Alvida Mission Map in the “Normal World” and the Chaos Alvida Mission. The idea is to give as many players as possible, at all levels the chance to take part.

Today, on the 3rd of July, let battle commence:

– Play the 4 Star Alvida mission map (Chaos or Normal)

– Play so well that you make it into the elite Top 5

– The Top 5 of both Mission Maps will win a fantastic prize

– Players can win only once, so if you are skilled enough to make it into the top 5 of one or both more than once you will still only win once

– We are running this event until the 10th of July

– PLEASE NOTE: The event will end at precisely 6pm [GMT] on Friday the 10th of July. Anyone who enters after this point will not be counted

As always, there are great prizes to win, in this case the exclusive Musketeer Package!

May the sharks be with you!

Good Luck!

Your Dragonica Team

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