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The Maker skill is a skill that any classed player (Pirate, Thief, Warrior, Archer, or Magician – Sorry beginners!) can obtain at level 45. You do this by going to Stan, an NPC in Magatia. Stan will give you a quest to go see “Hughes the Fuse” in Orbis Tower B2. After talking to Hughes, merely go back to Stan, and he’ll give you the skill! He also hands you a guidebook on how to use this skill. When you get it, the skill will be at level 1. You may level up this skill by performing later quests at level 75, and finally 105. You must level the skill in order to forge higher level equips. Level 1 can only do equipments for level 50-70, level 2 can do 50-100, and level 3 can do 50-120 (and presumably higher level than this, should they ever exist.) You can set it to a Hotkey like most other skills.

You can use it to forge all the standard equips for your class, starting from level 50 (seeing as how weapons from 10-40 can simply be purchased from NPCs). In order to forge any particular equip, you must be at least 5 levels from being able to equip it. So, if I wanted to forge a level 70 weapon, I would need to be 65. No, this skill may NOT be used to forge Maple weapons, Common class items (such as earrings or capes), or “gachapon” items, such as Stonetooth Sword/Ribgol. It MAY be changed when it gets to JMS or other versions, to forge equipments native to those versions. This is far from confirmed, however.

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