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Buenas, pues aqui les dejo la guia de Hunter Quest que me encontre en el foro de gpotato, espero les sirva…

1. Beginner class hunting training – first day
Task- Kill raccoons, get 60 paws
Method- Kill raccoons. Doesn’t matter if you’re high level or not, as long as you have the quest, the paws will drop

2. Beginner class hunting training – 2nd day
Task- Slay Axel and bring 80 Charred Stones
Method- Wander around Howling Winds Hill

3. Disturbance! Dominate Chango!
Task- Slay 100 Changos!
Method- Sanka 4, first area (Repositorium.), do it repeatedly.

4. Cooperation with Chango
Task- Slay Ogre Shaman and bring 70 Shaman Staffs
Method- Sanka 4, first area (Repositorium.), do it repeatedly.

5. Find materials for Iron Wall Armor
Task- Slay Sanka and bring 15 of Fake Iron Wall accessories
Method- Sanka 4, 15+ times. Can also do Sanka 1 (Maybe even Kunka and just kill the miniboss? Heck in Kunka4, the miniboss respawns, might be worth checking out.), though the drop rate is lower. (but in exchange it’s a lot quicker.). If you’re too high level to get exp, may as well do easy mode right?

6. Test to complete training for beginner class
Task- Defeat Kunka 20 times and bring 20 of Kunka’s Shoulder Ornaments
Method- Kunka (Any) repeatedly. You can buy these from others/market as well.

7. Memory of Pal Rentuwok
Task- Slay Hookah and bring back 5 pirate captain hats (actually 20.)
Method- It says mission map 4, so that’s what I did. It’s also on 1-3 if you’re too high level to get xp from it and just want it done.

8. Nothing is Impossible to a willing mind.
Task- Challenge Steven Port Trading Post mission map (1 Star) 10 times
Method- Welp.

Task- Challenge Steven Port Trading Post mission map (4 Star) 5 times (actually 10 times)
Method- Welp.

10. Finding another self
Task- 10 Victories at PVP
Method- Get a friend who will stand around for a while. Have them strip off all their armor, do Last Man Standing on Magma Belt. You should be able to rush and crush them pretty fast. Whole thing takes about 15 minutes.

11. Secret to a hunter’s survival
Task- Nautilus Port – Achieve 200 hit Combo
Method- Get a terrible weapon (I use a broken Canine Staff personally), combo up a storm, kill everything when you’re in the 200 range, then let the combo drop.

12. Find Map of Culvert
Task- Challenge Farrell’s Laboratory at Port of Winds and find 30 pieces of map.
Method- Wander around in Farrell and kill everything. All the monsters drop pieces.

13. Protecting Honor
Task- Clear Mission Map (4 Stars) – Mirinae Temple (actually 10 times.)
Method- get a group, go crazy. Always a bunch of people in ch1.

14. Ghost Appearance
Task- Clear Mission Map (4 Stars) Skypi
Method- Welp.

15. Continued Relationship
Task- Collect 60 Blue Mythrils at the Mining Area
Method- Kill things in Mining Area, pretty much everything drops it.

16. Let’s Save the fire!
Task- Collect 50 all-purpose Flints at Valid Raeth
Method- Go to Valid Raeth, kill stuff.
EASY MODE- Go to Farrell, kill stuff, most of the monsters in Valid Raeth are also in Farrell, just lower level.

17. No I insist, you first.
Task- Dangerous Cave – 4 Stars Arcade Mission Map
Method- Welp.

18. Loneliness of the Wild is instinct
Task- Collect 50 Raisin Snacks at Valid Raeth Arcade Mode
Method- Do Rocker, any of them work.

19. Short Business Relationship
Task- Get 20 Condensed Lava Beads at Magma Drake Dungeon
Method- Kill stuff at Lavalon

20. Restless Hunter G
Task- Collect 30 of Hunter G’s properties at Magma Drake Dungeon
Method- Kill stuff at Lavalon
Q. What quests should I do repeatedly?
Ones I do on the daily- 3, 4, 12, 16, 18-20

Takes about an hour to do these (Usually less), and almost all of them can be done with at least one other (3 and 4, 12 and 16, 19 and 20) . If you want to maximize your quests in individual areas even more, there are guild quests that also visit some of these same areas. The PVP quest has a guild quest twin, so you can do them both at the same time. Farrell (12) has a guild quest that also goes there. There’s also guild quests in Lavalon and Valid Raeth (a.k.a. Rocker.)

Q. Why should I do Hunter Quests this is dumb you’re dumb
no you’re the dumb one >:O. Hunter quests drop capsules, capsule have a chance of giving skill point scrolls, skill point scrolls give +1 skill point for each one you use. So if you use 20, it’s like a free level! Or you can just sell them for a quick and easy 20-30 gold, vOv.


Recuerden que estas quests se reinician a la media noche del horario GMT, mientras conserven los items requeridos por la quest no habra problema en iniciarlo al dia siguiente, pero si la quest requiere matar cierto numero de mobs, entonces ahi si tendran que reiniciar todo el proceso, asi que mucho cuidado con eso…

Pd. Cualquier duda con el ingles no duden en preguntar en el tema Hunter Quest guide v1 del foro.

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