Evento Dragonica Gpotato – Dragotaka’s Got Talent!

Dear Dragonicans,

We have a special treat for you, an event designed to show case your artistic talents! It is now possible, to upload screenshots and artwork to our Fan Images gallery. The gallery allows you to upload an 800KB image to both our Screenshots Section and our Artwork Section, once every 15 days. Both JPG and PNG formats are accepted, and each image will be approved by the GM Team before it goes live.

But enough of all of that, because now it is time for us to announce our new competition, “Dragotaka’s Got Talent”. We are looking for was the coolest, best, funniest and most insane screenshots and artwork, The Top 5 Screenshots and the Top 5 pieces of Fan Art will win some cool prizes.

Starting today, the 24th of July the 30th of July. You can upload screenshots and artwork through our fan art section. The last submissions will be taken at midnight [GMT] on the 30th of July.

“So how does it work?” we hear you ask:

Players take screenshots or design their own custom images and upload to our newly opened Fan Images section Here.. It should be noted that images which do not show the interface, stand a better chance of doing well.

Simply upload your screenshot or artwork to our Fan Images and ensure that they are up to 800KB and that they are saved as a .Jpeg or .PNG. Make sure to set your caption as: “Dragotaka’s Got Talent”

You can participate in both categories (Screenshot and Artwork), but can up load only one image to each, so make sure you upload the right file!

Images will not appear on site until the 31st of July when we approve them all (so that people don’t vote before they see them all)
Users will then have until the 5th of August to rate all the images and vote for their favourites.

We have planned the following prizes for the winners of this competition:


1st Prize:
Barker’s Package
o 5x Reinforced Megaphone
o 20x Superior Shop License
o 20x Grand Merchant Certificate +1
o 10x Lucky Stone

2nd to 5th Prize:
Merchant’s Package
o 10x Superior Shop License
o 10x Grand Merchant Certificate +1


1st Prize:
Enchantment Package (which is available in the Dragonica Shop from Today)
o 50x Enchant Insurance Scroll
o 10x Lucky Stone

2nd to 5th Prize:
Crafting Package
o 20x Enchant Insurance Scroll
o 1x Vault Expansion (30 days)
o 20x Lucky Stones

For more information regarding items and packages, please read our Dragonica Shop News.

That’s it for now, we’d like to wish all of you budding artists the very best of luck and we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Best wishes,

-Your Dragonica Team

Ya chicos, debemos sacar screenshot del game y ponerle nuestras modificaciones, o crear imagenes referentes a dragonica y subirlas Here. tienen dudas? pongan sus imagenes y luego las postean aca, a ver si entre nosotros nos votamos para que algo ganemos!

Postea tus imagenes en el foro  Evento Dragonica Gpotato – Dragotaka’s Got Talent! Te esperamos!

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