Dragonica Gpotato: Patch Notes: 0.908.1301

Hola a todos los seguidores de Dragonica Gpotato… como me imagino la mayoria sabe, hace dos dias hubo un patch del juego… a continuacion les traemos el contenido de dicho patch.

Bug Fix

• Items needed for daily quest no longer drop when you complete/fail the quest.

• Over and incomplete restore of HP from Eternity Potion has been fixed.

• You can edit your shop in the Open Market even though you ran out of online time.

• Offline timer in the Open Market has been fixed.

• Quickslot used to randomly unequip items in PvP has been fixed.

• Deathmatch death counter in PvP has been fixed.

• Arrow Shower skill that triggers rapid position change in monsters has been fixed.

• Armour Break skill used to result in 1 damage only when under 0 has been fixed.

• Double Strike/Diffusion Cannon for females used to be faster than males. Fixed.

• Lightning Strike skill that causes dashing forward indefinitely has been fixed.

• Fire Grenade skill animation not being displayed has been fixed.

• Problem of skill animation not changing when pressing Z as soon as casting a skill. Fixed.

• Skill casting animation looping indefinitely if jump key is pressed during the casting animation. Fixed.

• Typing /r from external chat window which causes the game to crash. Fixed.

• Large Mail system is now working.

• Sending a charge request mail without entering any amount used to be possible. Fixed.

• Several glitches/teleports in field maps were fixed (Stevens Trading Port, Nautilus Port, Skippy Sanctuary, Port of the Winds).

• Party members can now be kicked while in mission map.

• Renaming the party through the community window allows special characters and numbers.

UI Fix

• You can no longer move items in your inventory when soul crafting/enchanting.

• You can only trade 10 items at a time.

• When a party invitation is accepted while the party leader is in the shop, the party UI now updates.

• The result screen that used to remain after the reward is already given in Boss Maps has been fixed.

• Removed double confirmation when sending gifts through Shop.

• Character name going out of the drop-down menu when sending mail has been fixed.

General Updates

• 1 new channel added.

• Translation updates.

• Filter updates.


como podran ver, en este patch agregaron un channel mas… y la opcion para mandar un correo con varios items tambien debe funcionar ya… que bueno porque era una flojera cuando te tenias que pasar varias cosas hacerlo una por una xD!!

pueden opinar sobre dicho path o sobre cualquier otra cosa en el siguiente tema del foro Dragonica Gpotato: Patch Notes: 0.908.1301

los esperamos!!

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  • Agosto 20, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    ami punto de vista esta muy buneo ya q da mucha flojera mandarte varios objeots 1×1 me parece bn eso q isieron

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