Avances del parche balanceador de Jobs en Maplestory

En KMST se ha anunciado ya el parche Balanceador de Job’s que tiene como objetivo incrementar algunos ataques y solucionar glitch. En detalle seria:

1. Arch Mage Skill Changes
– Fire Demon Damange increase
– Ice Demon Damange increase
– Paralyze Damange increase
– ChainLighting Damange increase
– Meteor Damange increase
– Blizzard Damange increase

2. Outlaw Skill Changes
– Flamethrower, Ice Splitters’ glitch fix which these skills’ damanges were not properly applied before

3. Marauder Skill Changes
– Energy Blast range Increase as well as added chances to stun monsters which will be related based on the stun mastery.

4. Buccaneer Skill Changes
– Dragon Strike casting time decrease

5. Hunter Skill Changes
– Arrow Bomb Damange increase

6. Ranger Skill Changes
– Ranger’s Inferno Damange increase, as well as it can now inflict fire damange for 7 secs

7. Crossbow Man Skill Changes
– Iron Arrow Damange increase

8. Sniper Skill Changes
– Strafe attacks to frozen monsters can now kill the target monster instantly based on certain percentage, which can be used combo with the blizzard(Sniper’s)

9. Marksman Skill Changes
– Piercing Arrow charge bar speed has been shorten
– Snipe cool time has been shorten

10. Monsters in Time of Temple’s elements are Changed.
– Qualm Monk
– Qualm Monk Trainee
– Qualm Guardian
– Chief Qualm Guardian
– Oblivion Monk
– Oblivion Monk Trainee
– Oblivion Guardian
– Chief Oblivion Guardian

Translated by Chaosly, Leinz(Scania)

Source : http://www.insoya.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=bbs11&no=2129

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